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St. Louis Pet Cremation Services

Complete Cremation Care & Grief Support Services

We truly care about you, your loss, your family’s loss, and sharing the grief process with you. We talk with you, listen to your experience, share our own. Each loss is different, but there are common themes as well. Talking with an empathic, trained professional can make all the difference in the world as your family begins the recovery process. 

We Handle All Pets of All Sizes with Care

We handle pets of all kinds, so don't hesitate to reach out to us if your pet isn't a dog or cat. We've cared for rabbits, birds, lizards, guinea pigs, hamsters, snakes, even a hedgehog; they all receive the same loving care and attention.

Dignified Pet Pickup & Transportation

When you or your vet reach out to us, we respond quickly and move to take your pet into our care. He or she may already be deceased, or you may ask us to meet you and counsel you as you make this final decision. We transport your animal, personally and individually, directly to the crematorium.

Personally Oversees Every Cremation

Once your pet is in our care, we carefully clip some fur and create a clay paw print as well. We oversee the cremation of each and every pet. In this way we ensure that there can be no confusion and no uncertainty as to who’s cremated remains eventually come home to you.

Hand-Delivered Pet Memorial & Mementos

We ask for your pet's dates, and if you'd like a special inscription for the plaque on his or her urn. Along with the remains, fur clipping, and paw print, we also provide you with an official certificate of cremation. We do offer a number of urns that may be purchased in lieu of our lovely standard cherry urn. Additional services available upon request, such as a garden stones, jewelry, or other more formal options.

Rest assured, your pet will never be forgotten.

With all this, many people wonder if our prices aren’t prohibitively expensive. The answer, thankfully, is that they are not. We work directly with the other professionals involved to keep our costs low, and the price we ask you to pay is not out of line with what you’d be charged even if we weren’t involved. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards to give you maximum flexibility.